OUR current & original pop-UP

Switch Wall.png


how it works

We place these chalkboards in the middle of public spaces to generate good vibes. Here, you can color yourself into a little stencil & reveal how you have been stereotyped.



THE goal

All we want is for people to express themselves and genuinely be heard. We don't really force anyone to do anything, nor do we creepily watch you write. However, there's always a new friendship formed here, which is awesome.

where are these located?

We collaborate with many groups, so you can anticipate a switch board to be seen in schools, universities, public spaces, special events, various businesses & organizations, etc. As of now, the Switch Board(s) is a traveling experience. 


others have been stereotyped as..



here's the deal...

We're always developing ideas for new pop-up experiences. We can't quite show you what we're workin' with just yet, but be sure to follow us to get updates! :)

Are you interested in bringing a Vibe Switch pop-up experience to your event or space?